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In 1989, Lin Congying, the founder of JOEONE, led the team to start a garment factory, which seemed uncertain in others' view, with forward-looking vision and keen insights, laying the foundation for the establishment of the JOEONE Group.

From left to right:
Chen Jiapin, Lin Yuxiong, Zhang Jingchun, Lin Congying, Chen Jiaya, Chen Jindun, Lin Cangjie.

It is the first step that costs, but it can never stop the entrepreneur's firm footsteps.

Without a factory, the team rented a 500 m² house; without a worker, they mobilized relatives and friends. Without equipment, they bought a few second-hand overlock sewing machines and cutting beds. The sewing machines, scissors, and stools were all brought by the workers themselves. Without technical staff, they employed old tailors in the nearby town.

Despite the arduous conditions, the workers had to accept trainings for more than one month before real operation. JOEONE has been self-demanding with "professional quality" as the goal and kept practicing the spirit of doer since its inception.

On May 30, 2011, the Company's A-shares were successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (short for: JOEONE Stock Code: 601566), which provides a new platform for the long-term development of JOEONE.



Product Ingenuity

Since its founding 29 years ago, JOEONE has proactively penetrated into the needs of consumers and kept exploring with international cutting-edge design concepts. It has consistently adhered to the satisfaction of customers with products with ingenuity, so as to create an image of "Ingenuity Fashion." Besides, integrate global resources to form a more international and serialized R&D system, and to continuously produces highly creative designs for elite men with world-class fashion information.

High Quality, Increasing Perfection

Since the brand launch, the JOEONE management has always regarded the presentation of high-quality products to consumers as its business objective and the management of product quality as a key part of its strategic management. The company has been dually certified by IS09001 Quality Management System and Product Quality. The leading products have passed the dual certification of IS014001 Environmental Management System and China’s Environmental Product, and obtained the "Acceptable Product of National Quality Inspection" certificate. The company was also involved in the drafting of National Standard Suit Pants of The People's Republic of China (GB/T2666-2009), National Standard Washing and Finishing Garments of The People's Republic of China (GB/T22700-2008); It has a provincial-level technical center and the inspection center with complete equipment has been accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. Equipped with a dyeing laboratory, a laboratory of constant temperature and humidity, and a rating-specific dark room, the inspection center is capable of detecting a variety of textile indicators such as formaldehyde content, PH value, and color fastness, playing a leading role nationwide.



Brand Diversified Development

Since the establishment, JOEONE has actively made changes, transformation and upgrading based on the trend, shaping the brand stature.

In 2016, JOEONE formally established a platform-based, multi-brand and omnichannel strategic industrial layout, including an ingenuity-based quality platform, a fashion quality platform, and a trend individuality platform. Each brand focuses on its own market segment and insists its own style. JOEONE continues to enrich product dimensions and enhance brand depth to allow more customers to experience the comfort and happiness of elite fashion life.



Capital Financing Strength

In the future, JOEONE will carry out the integration of production and finance with its strong capital power, and increase investment in the fashion industry to push the brand development forward: focus on the fashion industry and develop multi-brands by acquisition, merger and equity participation; establish strategic equity cooperation with industry leaders and highly potential brands of segmented industries, and gradually participate in investments in emerging industries.

Current investment projects include: Jinglin Jiusheng Fund, Handu Group (through Jinglin Jiusheng Fund), Xiangxinyun, Caitong Securities, Sunshine Insurance, A.C.Orange, China Soft Culture Fund, Zero2IPO Zhida Fund, At-INNO Fund, MOOC-CN Education Fund, Fantawild.



Responsibility Public-spirited

JOEONE has always adhered to the core mission of fulfilling corporate social responsibility. In the past 29 years, it has been persisting in the people-oriented philosophy and practiced its warm corporate values of being responsible through donations, earthquake relief, environmental protection, and humanistic spirits. It has been successfully presented with honors such as "Star Enterprise of China Children's Welfare," "China Children's Charity Award," and "Fujian Provincial Donation Public welfare Award."

In the future, JOEONE will spread its kindheartedness to a wider range of areas, adhere to a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best to offer consumers fine and fashionable clothes with a higher price/performance ratio, and continue rank top among Chinese men’s pants retailers.

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